I-V Measurement System

I-V Measurement System


An I-V curve measurement is performed by applying a series of voltages to the device. At each voltage, the current flowing through the device is measured. The supplied voltage is measured by a voltmeter connected in parallel to the device, and the current is measured by an ammeter connected in series. This voltmeter and ammeter can now be integrated to SMU: Source Measure unit, which has been used in this project.

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AHEMS - Anomalous Hall Effect Measurement System
AutoVA - Automated VCMA & AHE Measurement System

AutoVA - Automated VCMA & AHE Measurement System

AutoVA - Automated VCMA/(magnetoelectric coupling) - Anomalous Hall effect Measurement System.

The software is used to control :

  1. The E-field applied for the VCMA/Magnetoelectric coupling. (with the ramping function).
    1. The E-fields can have multi-variants - (dwelling, pulser).
  2. The electromagnetic filed.
  3. The Soure Measure Unit (SMU) to apply one bias-current, and meanwhile measuring the Hall Voltage. Hysteresis loops can be obtained by looping the electromagnetic field.

The software has following features:


  1. Compatible with a large amount of SMUs, and instruments
  2. Experiments procudures visualised
  3. GUI for graphing live data
  4. managing queues of experiments.
  5. Data auto-generation


The automated experiment time can be estimated and updated in real time.


The progressbar for single meaurement will be shown

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