From HLAI to Superintelligence

From HLAI to Superintelligence

Paths to Superintelligence

Networks and organizations

Another concievable path to superintelligence is Gradual enhancement of networks and organisations that link individual human minds with one another and various artifacts and bots.

Humanity has gained a lot in the collective intelligence in the form of many sources, including innovations in communictaions technology, such as writing and printing, and above all the introduction of language itself. increases in the size of the world population and the density of habitation; various improvements in organizational techniques and epistemic norms; and a gradual accumulation of institutional capital.


“Enhanced biological or organizational intelligence would accelerate scientific and technological developments, potentially hastening the arrival of more radical forms of intelligence amplification such as whole brain emulation and AI.”

“It seems fairly likely, however, that even if progress along the whole brain emulation path is swift, artificial intelligence will nevertheless be first to cross the finishing line: this is because of the possibility of neuromorphic AIs based on partial emulations.

Forms of Superintelligence

Speed Superintelligence

A system that can do all that a human intellect can do, but much faster.

“The simplest example of speed superintelligence would be a whole brain emulation running on fast hardware.3 An emulation operating at a speed of ten thousand times that of a biological brain would be able to read a book in a few seconds and write a PhD thesis in an afternoon. With a speedup factor of a million, an emulation could accomplish an entire millennium of intellectual work in one working day.4”

Collective Superintelligence

A system composed of a large number of smaller intellects such that the system’s overall performance across many very general domains “vastly outstrips that of any current cognitive system.

“Collective intelligence excels at solving problems that can be readily broken into parts such that solutions to sub-problems can be pursued in parallel and verified independently.”

Quality Superintelligence

“A system that is at least as fast as a human mind and vastly qualitatively smarter.”

From HLAI to Superintelligence


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